Why Do Clients Start Working With Us?

Nov 23, 2023 | Blogs

A lot of clients start working with us because they find their business is consuming their life.  

In fact, one of our clients summarised this perfectly: 

‘When you’re being driven by the founder’s energy, it reaches a certain point and it dies – it can’t be ‘a business’. If I was to be in hospital for 6 months, I would come back and there’s no business.’ 

What it looks like is getting up at the crack of dawn, straight on the emails, straight on WhatsApp, just getting through messages, feeling like you have to respond.  

You’re working really long hours, and you’re not necessarily generating the results that you want to generate in that time, which I think is one of the reasons why the stress and the frustration builds up because things aren’t happening as quickly as you would like them to. 

Your team may be frequently dropping the ball, you just don’t feel you can rely on them as heavily as you need to. There comes a point when it’s just all too much. You feel like all of your life and all of your time is just sucked into this thing.  

That’s the thing our clients are experiencing before they get to us, and that’s the thing that tends to make them say, “hey, actually, hands up, I need some help with this because this isn’t going the way that I planned”.  

The client we quoted above did and afterwards (after taking a three month sabbatical), he said: 

‘What you’ve helped us do is make statements like: 

‘This is what we expect.’  

‘If you have something good, something to do, show us.’ 

When you’re doing this kind of work, not everyone can stay. People have left, because of what you’ve done. There are now people who are thriving because of what you’ve done. 

We now have a common language. There is nothing more powerful than this. 

You have made massive impact.’ 

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