What Is Accountability Really? with Kieren Windsor

Jun 13, 2024 | Episodes

In this episode of the Aggressive Growth Podcast, I am joined by an old friend and ex-colleague, Kieren Windsor, who I have long admired for his ‘just do it’ attitude and values. Kieren and I discuss accountability, what it really means and how it should be used in business, and our personal lives.

About Amy:

Amy is the founder and CEO of Black & Blue and a Fractional Integrator for 7, 8 and 9 figure clients spanning across a variety of industries (coaching, healthcare, sound engineering, branding) and locations (India, Canada, UK, UK…). Amy combines hardcore accountability with love and recognition that we are fundamentally human and fallible. She’s obsessed with growth and development in all areas of life. 

About Kieren:

Kieren is changing the landscape of the legal sector with his work at Bamboo Platform, a regulated operational service for law firms, where he is responsible for services across the platform. His driven attitude and strong values have seen him work, and thrive, across multiple industries, including the desk next door to Amy’s whilst working in insurance.

Kieren’s History:

Kieren comes from an incredibly diverse professional background including financial services, IT sector and starting/exiting his own business. This led him to consulting with the legal sector on how to build profitable, purpose driven businesses and achieve successful exit, before joining Bamboo in 2022. 

In today’s episode:

Amy and Kieren reminisce about their past working together in the insurance world, and the importance of values in business (00:49)

Trust and accountability – the use, and often misuse, of these terms is discussed, and what these terms mean for Kieren (04:28)

How can the way people be held to account influence how people view accountability and therefore behave (09:13)

Kieren explains that accountability is a two-way street, accountability needs to be a discussion that can feed back, and having this balance is invaluable in management (11:10)

Fear and lack of understanding are the key reasons people don’t want to take responsibility (15:47)

Kieren shares how we can help people take responsibility through empowerment, clear communication and expectations, and what businesses need to do to achieve this (18:22)

Recruiting people whose values align to those of the overall business avoids dissonance and aids in the taking of responsibility as the team thinks in a similar way (22:05)

Kieren explains why he thinks we need responsibility, both in and beyond business, and how it can build trust. Amy shares her views on the link between responsibility and the respect of people’s time (25:48)

Kieren gives his #1 tip for developing a “let’s get on with it and not mess about” attitude (30:19)

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Thank you so much for listening, it’s a privilege to be able to share these discussions with you and I hope they bring power and value to your business and personal life. We’d love to hear your suggestions about which topics could add more value for you and other listeners, so please don’t hesitate to drop me a message.

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