Your Visionary Thinking Is Killing Your Team And Your Business 

Feb 15, 2024 | Blogs

We hate to say it, but also, you deserve the truth. 

The biggest complaint we hear from teams run by an entrepreneurial founder? 

We hate the chaos. 


We can’t stand the constant changes. 

Decisions get made without us. 

We can’t focus on the job in hand, the game keeps changing. 


The outcome for them? They get burned out and frustrated. The good ones can’t live with it, so they leave. The mediocre ones want to escape too, but they stay and they hide. 

The outcome for you? Stalled progress, things don’t feel like they’re getting done, team members are dropping balls. Major frustration. 


Honestly, guys, you’re not alone. This is pretty much archetypal!  

We just want you to win, and we know that winning doesn’t feel like how you’re feeling right now.