The 21 Things That Are Killing You Right Now

Feb 22, 2024 | Blogs

As the visionary/founder/entrepreneur of your business, here are the things that we’re guessing are really grinding your gears:  


  1. Your team don’t interpret instructions properly  
  2. Things don’t get done as expected 
  3. Progress is slower than desired towards your vision 
  4. You want an exit but you’re not there yet 
  5. You’re working crazy hours 
  6. The impact on your family 
  7. People asking you stupid questions 
  8. Your personal wellbeing declining because of the shift you’re putting in 
  9. Falling out of love with the original idea 
  10. You hate people management 
  11. Struggling to find good hires 
  12. Good people leave anyway 
  13. Mediocre people performance 
  14. Clients leaving but you don’t know why 
  15. Difficulty in managing client expectations 
  16. You don’t actually know how to build a ‘proper business’, feeling like you’re winging it 
  17. The lack of proper processes  
  18. Juggling the multitude of hats you wear 
  19. Staying motivated when things are tough 
  20. Clunky systems 
  21. Inability of other leadership team members to hold accountability within their teams – it’s all on you  


God, it’s a lot. The weight is heavy on you.  


As was said on our show, The Aggressive Growth Podcast, recently:  

‘in the business arena, self-worth is laid bare and the responsibility of steering the ship weighs heavy on the captain.’  

As the captain of your ship, we see you. 


Which is why we created The Aggressive Growth Podcast in the first place. We wanted to give you something that would help. 


We’re sure you’ve heard the phrase ‘success leaves clues’, right? 


Well, we gathered up a load of people who’ve had success and captured their clues. What it takes, and what it costs, to have the success and the freedom that you desire. 


Why don’t you let an episode accompany you today?  


Here’s how to continue to develop resilience

Here’s how to be more empowered by data

Here’s how to be more fearless 


Keep going