SEVEN – Sound Engineering – UK 

Here’s how it started:

The owner was feeling overwhelmed by challenges, wanting to focus on product development, but being stuck day-to-day in client projects. With an unreliable Project Manager and limited systems and processes, he didn’t know how he would extract himself to focus on his unique brilliance.  

Here’s what happened:

We helped the owner get clear on the structure of his business and time, to enable him to focus on the real challenges and growth-areas to see results.  


  • 1/3 of the previous year’s total revenue sold in 6 weeks as a result of our follow up programme.  
  • Clarity around cashflow gain with increased profit margin built into pricing.  
  • Follow up programme initiated (for prospects, past clients and referral partners) and achieved a 50% take up rate on a meeting booking.  
  • Interviewed and confirmed a hire for a new great-fit Project Manager, with the right wiring and experience to hold the accountability needed within the projects. The PM immediately provided great operational and headspace relief for the visionary owner.  
  • New system of time management implemented, which gave the owner more clarity, focus and time to focus on developing the business strategically and building new relationships. 
  • Strategy for tracking results developed with accountability required to put this into practice. 

Here is what the client had to say: 

“I was very anxious about the state of my business; not many leads, and I was overwhelmed with some over-running projects. Things were very messy and not in a healthy state. I got a good feeling from the first meeting and interactions with Amy, a sense of trust and similar values, and felt I needed to do what it takes to work with Black & Blue. The impact so far is that I feel listened to and understood, it’s given me a wider vision of my business, I now have leads in the pipeline and have much more clarity and understanding of what has been going wrong. I now have a Project Manager who has been through a proper interview and hiring process. I have much more confidence and self-belief in the business and am feeling much better about it.”

– Adam, Business Owner  

Having Black & Blue on your team is about creating possibilities. Making things work – your team, your systems, your strategy. So that it can all come together and create beautiful things that enhance your life – and everyone else’s around you.