Scaling From Start Up To Success: From Vulnerable To Secure with Sharon Jurd

Jun 13, 2024 | Episodes

Join me this week on The Aggressive Growth Podcast as we welcome Sharon Jurd, a successful entrepreneur and our first-ever Australian guest! Being the owner of 9 successful businesses, Sharon’s perspective on how to manage and scale a business is invaluable – and today, she’s sharing some of her thoughts with us!

About Amy:

Amy is the founder and CEO of Black & Blue and a Fractional Integrator for 6, 7, 8 and soon-to-be-9 figure clients spanning across a variety of industries (coaching, healthcare, sound engineering, branding) and locations (India, Canada, UK, US…). Amy combines hardcore accountability with love and recognition that we are fundamentally human and fallible. She’s obsessed with growth and development in all areas of life. 

About Sharon:

With a diverse background and intense passion for helping others create business success, Sharon Jurd has taken the coaching industry, and many others, by storm. She is passionate about helping people grow their businesses quickly and effectively and gives business owners the tools they need to create more time to achieve their goals as well as financial freedom.

Having won multiple awards, Sharon is an expert when it comes to breaking barriers and is world-renowned for her strategies on business growth in various areas.

Amongst all of her achievements, she is also the author of  “How To Grow Your Business Faster Than Your Competitor” and “Extraordinary Women in Franchising”.

Sharon’s History:

Sharon’s first brush with business success started after opening her first real estate office in Queensland, Australia. Sharon quickly became a major player as the single youngest female director within the organization, and soon went on to look for a new challenge.

For more than 20 years Sharon has worked and taught internationally, speaking to thousands of people on how to create financial success.

In today’s episode:

  • An account of Sharon’s history in terms of business and her mindset towards the world, why sharing your personal and professional experiences with others is important for their success and expectations vs reality when it comes to starting a new business (01:23)

  • Sharon explains what she feels was important to her own business success and her process when it comes to ensuring her business’ systems are effective (05:04)

  • Sharon’s journey when it came to allowing others to take control, the importance of staying in your lane, and how Sharon balances her personal and work life (10:03)

  • Actions that Sharon took to release control in the right way, why defining the details of different roles is important and understanding the difference between what you ‘should’ be doing and what you need to be doing (13:17)

  • Sharon tells us about her first experience with business in real estate and the actions she believes inspired her initial success (16:59)

  • Sharon shares some advice for those who are feeling vulnerable, explains how she looks after herself while managing her businesses (20:21)

  • Sharon’s #1 tip for success, the importance of consistency when building momentum and touching on how all areas of our lives are intertwined (26:48)

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