Rapid Ways To Create Financial And Time Freedom with Ben Knight

Jun 13, 2024 | Episodes

Welcome back to The Aggressive Growth Podcast! Today we speak with Ben Knight about his journey towards financial freedom, his attitude towards wealth and some of the lessons he’s learned along the way. 

About Amy:

Amy is the founder and CEO of Black & Blue and a Fractional Integrator for 6, 7, 8 and soon-to-be-9 figure clients spanning across a variety of industries (coaching, healthcare, sound engineering, branding) and locations (India, Canada, UK, US…). Amy combines hardcore accountability with love and recognition that we are fundamentally human and fallible. She’s obsessed with growth and development in all areas of life. 

About Ben:

Property entrepreneur, Trade Tribe Founder and wealth coach – Ben has all bases covered when it comes to sharing valuable expertise on diversifying income and creating financial freedom. Ben’s strategy helps individuals create financial growth without having to spend hours analysing the markets. Because of his company’s high success rate, he is also an established leader in the world of investing. He is extremely passionate about helping others achieve financial freedom and believes that everyone is much closer to freedom than they think.

Ben’s History:

From a young age, Ben recognised the need for money, and the relationship between wealth, hard work and stress. He also saw that there was another side to life – a life where stress and working hard to put food on the table were not an everyday reality. This excited Ben, as he began to realise there was more to life than what he was seeing around him.

Ben has since forged his own path, helping over 100 of his members achieve their long-term goals and create sustainable success.

In today’s episode:

  • A bit about Ben’s past and how his attitude towards wealth has evolved, Amy talks about her background in terms of family and attitude towards money (00:28)

  • Ben’s first steps on this journey, how his qualifications left him with more questions than answers and some of the businesses he’s tried (03:28)

  • The influence of being an only child and how he navigated his decisions using other’s success as a guide (06:20)

  • Ben’s next steps after University, a recount of Ben’s experience with trading and how these experiences led to him developing the strategy he teaches today (08:49)

  • The importance of role models and the misconception that working hard gets you more results (10:55)

  • How changes in Amy’s relationship with business have helped her cultivate a smarter approach to working (16:10)

  • Using constraints in life to level up, the importance of asking the right questions and comparing similarities between business and fitness (19:27)

  • The difference between accountability and responsibility, an account of the inspiration behind The Aggressive Growth Podcast (24:16)

  • Understanding that success is not taught and a tip from Ben on his most dangerous money mistakes (27:28)

  • Ben’s advice for those that want to succeed but feel overwhelmed and why feeling aligned with what you choose to do is important (31:05)

  • Why being inexperienced can be an advantage, showing others that stocks are not scary (35:39)

  • Ben shares his #1 tip for your success (37:40)

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