Marketing Agency (NDA) – Global  

Here’s how it started:

The client was struggling with managing their team, whilst trying to grow the business. She was feeling overwhelmed, stressed and unable to take a break. Her team were dropping the ball and she was stuck with knowing how to resolve them. The problem seemed too big to solve and was threatening expansion plans. 

Here’s what happened:

Black & Blue took on the day-to-day management of the business, creating new processes, systems and coaching the team on following through. We tackled and resolved long-standing issues, hiring for a pivotal role in three weeks – that had been open for six months prior.


  • Filled a role that had been open for six months, the absence of which was holding the owner back with her expansion plans and taking up a lot of her time. This role was filled successfully within three weeks and Black & Blue began the new team member’s induction.
  • Created new processes and systems and shared these with the team.
  • Dealt with long-standing team issues, improved team communication and reduced day to day stress and niggles. 
  • Coached a culture of accountability within the team. 
  • The owner able to take her first two-week holiday in 30 years! 
  • Assisted in the improvement of client boundaries, including coaching the owner on upholding her boundaries around her time and availability. 
  • The owner was able to take her first two-week holiday in 30 years. 

Here is what the client had to say: 

“Thank you for helping me remember to breathe. And move… through this next stage of my business. And my life.”