Is 2024 The Year of Uncertainty?

Jun 7, 2024 | Blogs

Uncertainty is our reality 


But we expend so much energy trying to convince ourselves otherwise. 


There must be an answer 

There must a solution 

There must be a strategy 


But if there was just one of these things, there would be just one of these companies offering it, because they’d have the bulletproof answer to said thing. 


One burger joint 

One printer supplier 

One mobile phone 

One marketing agency 


Because it was right for everyone. 


But it’s not – because we all live within different contexts, different versions of reality. 


The solution, the strategy has to fit that context. 


So there are multiple answers, multiple realities 

We get to use our discernment between them to ascertain which is the most relevant for right now, within the context we are existing within.  


That’s why I deeply love the work we do at Black & Blue  


We don’t present one solution or one strategy – because it doesn’t exist. Multiple solutions have varying degrees of relevance and we present all of those in our field of vision. Then, our clients get to choose based on their appetite for risk, for experimentation, for change. From ‘do nothing’ to ‘here’s the radical one’, it’s a spectrum of change.  


You know your business better than we do 

We can see gaps and solutions better than you can 

It makes perfect sense 


Operational problems – big and small, new and old – send them our way and put us to the test.