How to work less and earn more with Jessica Fearnley

Mar 19, 2024 | Episodes

Welcome to The Aggressive Growth Podcast! In this debut episode, we meet with Jessica Fearnley, an inspiring advocate for working less and earning more, and a women’s B2B business coach specialising in the transition between six and seven figure incomes. I couldn’t think of a more perfect guest for our first episode!

About Amy:

Amy is the founder and CEO of Black & Blue and a Fractional Integrator for 6, 7, 8 and soon-to-be-9 figure clients spanning across a variety of industries (coaching, healthcare, sound engineering, branding) and locations (India, Canada, UK, US…). Amy combines hardcore accountability with love and recognition that we are fundamentally human and fallible. She’s obsessed with growth and development in all areas of life.

About Jessica:

Jessica is passionate about empowering women to create wealth and opportunities for themselves and the people around them. While a lot of classic business coaches focus on entrepreneurs building online businesses, Jessica is all about catering to consultants selling B2B services to corporate firms. She’s spent the last 9 years helping women uncover their ‘next level self’ (I love this term!) – often helping to increase their business revenue exponentially. In December 2019, she was named as one of the LinkedIn Top Voices for Entrepreneurship and Small Business, and amongst many other things, is passionate about closing the gender pay gap for women in consulting.

In this episode:

  • An introduction to growing your business by value not volume, discussing money mindset and Jessica’s journey to realising that high ticket business is the key to working less and earning more (00:52)
  • The importance of simplicity, why charging more without offering more can feel counterintuitive and addressing systemic limiting beliefs of women in business (03:57)
  • The differing and personal motivations behind wanting to earn more and work less as women, the realities and challenges of being a mum in business and using newfound motherhood as a  stepping stone to get things off the ground (05:50)
  • Dealing with difficult moments, using mistakes as leverage to help better understand yourself, plus the power of fully trusting your intuition and the impact that self limiting beliefs can have on our intuition based decision making (12:10)
  • The power of self talk and building a relationship between you and your inner wisdom,  how confident decision making based on intuition doesn’t always have to mean going big (16:53)
  • “The only way out is through” – how past experiences affect how we operate in our business, how self awareness is the key to breaking down personal barriers and examples of why speaking up and taking responsibility is a catalyst for both personal development and business consistency (18:13)
  • The excitement of opportunity, how naivety became unquestionable belief, the importance of navigating change and the privilege of learning through motherhood (20:00)
  • The parallels of motherhood versus business and why both require you to show up for yourself, doing business from a place of strength as opposed to survival (25:36)
  • Why successful women focus on what they enjoy, working with your genius and handling external judgment / pressure (27:26)
  • Jessica’s #1 tip for women in business looking to work less and earn more (30:36)

Episode Resources:

  1. Amy’s LinkedIn
  2. Integrators and Done For You Ops – Black & Blue
  3. Jessica’s LinkedIn
  4. Seven Figure Consultant – Wealth Dynamics

P.S: A quick question… Is your personal life being held hostage by your business? Supporting committed business owners like you, who have more opportunity than capacity is what we care about – and we know that effective systems and processes have the ability to create freedom, to innovate and ultimately, generate you more revenue. Book a clarity call with me or join one of our webinars to see if we can help you work less and earn more.