How EOS Will Change Your Life with Dean Breyley

Jun 13, 2024 | Episodes

In this episode of the Aggressive Growth Podcast, I am joined by the King of EOS Europe, Dean Breyley. Dean is an EOS legend, and will teach us exactly what it is and how it will change your life, as well as sharing some invaluable insights from his journey. 

About Amy:

Amy is the founder and CEO of Black & Blue and a Fractional Integrator for 7, 8 and 9 figure clients spanning across a variety of industries (coaching, healthcare, sound engineering, branding) and locations (India, Canada, UK, UK…). Amy combines hardcore accountability with love and recognition that we are fundamentally human and fallible. She’s obsessed with growth and development in all areas of life. 

About Dean:

As EOS Community Leader for Europe and Expert EOS Implementer, Dean has helped 100+ Leadership Teams to Implement EOS throughout the UK & Ireland. The expertise gained through years of personal development and graft has led him to work with companies in over 40 industries and across a hugely diverse range of business models. His EOS work allows them to break through their growing pains, reduce complexity, clarify their vision, create great execution, build a healthy culture, and be in full control of their business. 

Dean’s History:

Dean’s journey started running several businesses throughout his twenties, when a turbulent time with an ex-business partner triggered the question; “Should running your own business really feel so tough, so much of the time?”

After leaving this partnership he went in search of his next venture, which led to his discovery of ‘Traction’ and EOS, the solution to so much of the difficulty he had found in running a business. At this time EOS was not being implemented in the UK, so Dean worked to implement the process himself and found his agency soon fell in love with the impact and results it was having for them. From that point EOS has been the foundation on which Dean has built his entrepreneurial story. 

In today’s episode:

What does EOS even mean?! Dean breaks down what the Entrepreneurial Operating System is, and what it does for businesses. (01:00)

Deans explains the stress he experienced before EOS, which led him to walking away from his company and turned into his greatest learning opportunity (03:05)

Once the decision to walk away from his company was made Dean committed to his journey. We discuss decision paralysis and the importance of dissociating decision from outcome to give us the freedom to explore and play (05:45)

Dean explains the link between scalability and devolved decision making – how decision making needs to happen throughout the team to allow individual autonomy and scale the business successfully (09:50)

Amy and Dean discuss Anti-fragility, and Dean shares advice on how EOS can help a company be anti-fragile (13:46)

Companies hitting the right balance between planning and going with the flow, to keep them flexible and efficient. What does planning look like in EOS? (17:50)

Keeping a team clear on the long term vision for the company makes it easier to strategically plot a route, but some stuff just has to be figured out on the journey (24:00)

Dean shares his background and how he thinks he developed his Aggressive Growth mentality (25:40)

How you can shift your mindset from “cause” to “effect” (30:20)

Amy and Dean discuss the value of time, and what it means for them (34:30)

Dean shares his #1 (in reality, probably #36) top tip for success (36:38)

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