Healthcare – UK & Europe


Key Info: 

  • High 8 figure business committed to getting to 9 
  • UK & Europe based 
  • Private healthcare (not a charity or gov body)  
  • New leadership team 
  • Rapid growth – trebled in revenue size in one year – which created a lot of issues quickly 

Here’s how it started:

Our client had experienced rapid growth in revenue and client relationships, trebling in size in one year. Such rapid growth is desired by most businesses, but presents challenges that can be unforeseen and can create impact that magnifies very quickly.  

Our client had been self-implementing Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS), their chosen operating system, for a while and it was enabling them to uncover issues needed to be dealt with – particularly in terms of team, accountability, systems and processes. They needed to resolve these issues quickly and effectively and that’s why they engaged Black & Blue.

During our project, the business achieved the following: 

  • Leaders were able to become up to 80% more productive themselves, with the average group leader becoming 43% more productive. 
  • Teams were able to become up to 80% more productive also, with the average team becoming 40% more productive. Massive efficiencies to be leveraged.  
  • Increase in profitability across the group. 
  • Progression from circa 10% of processes documented to 90%. 100% to be completed by end of the financial year.  
  • Relationships built between teams experiencing frustrations – resolving issues, creating processes and establishing common ground. Reduced management time spend on problems.  
  • Visionary CEO more able to step into his role and out of the day-to-day. Able to take a 3-month sabbatical with very limited involvement in the company’s running.  
  • A quarterly and annual review and goal-setting process was established across 8 brands – with leadership input where it’s needed and cohesiveness across brands, setting clear expectations and driving results.  
  • Growth of operational leaders, to take more strategic, autonomous decisions and have full accountability for their divisions.  
  • Growth of group leadership – supporting a new and hungry leadership team to become aligned on values and vision to be able to grow their divisions. 
  • Creation of new role specifications for all major roles – setting new expectations and providing accountability for them.  
  • Supporting a new Sales Director from a solo operational role to building a team of 10 with a big growth target.  
  • Retention of a Great Place To Work certification for the second year and becoming one the UK’s top 15 Best Workplaces For Women in the medium-sized category.  
  • 100% regulatory compliance achieved for all service delivery team members, for the first time ever. 


    The Founder said…

    ‘We’d almost missed our boat on all things accountability. When you’re being driven by the founder’s energy, it reaches a certain point and it dies – it can’t be ‘a business’. If I was to be in hospital for 6 months, I would come back and there’s no business. 

    What you’ve helped us do is make statements like: 

    ‘This is what we expect.’  

    ‘If you have something good, something to do, show us.’ 

    When you’re doing this kind of work, not everyone can stay. People have left, because of what you’ve done. There are now people who are thriving because of what you’ve done. 

    We now have a common language. There is nothing more powerful than this. 

    You have made massive impact.’ 



    Members of the client team said:

     ‘In just four months, the impact has already been significant. There is more structure, more clarity and we have a common language with regards to measuring success.’ Tamsen, People & Culture Director

    ‘Number one I would say the challenges we were facing were the inefficiency of the weekly meetings, slow resolving of issues, circling around an issue without identifying the core of the problem, discussions that were going in a dead end, the repeating of issues because of them not being solved properly, slow communication between us and less accountability.

    Best thing so far? I have experienced support in area where I needed it, in terms of reaching out to people and holding them accountable for things that have a huge impact on the Finance team. Another thing is that I have an objective person to discuss matters with, that has only the interest of what’s best for the business and the strategy.

    The impact is seeing something happening that would have taken us a year, perhaps two, to achieve by ourselves (at the four month point). It’svery different with your support. Looking forward to achieving even more and better results together.’  Elena, CFO 

    ‘Working together, the meetings and face-to-face interactions enabled us to create strong relationships, to agree on the activities that we need to accomplish together, and to optimize group-level processes to improve our work and collaboration between sectors. The frequent meetings and collaboration have contributed to open communication and problem-solving, and have improved our overall communication.

    Black & Blue helped us achieve better division alignment, improve relationships, communication, and collaboration, and perform better.’ Keti, Marketing Director 


    ‘Amy showed that she understood our vision and was focused on optimising performance and increasing productivity and also being aligned with our culture of developing our people. Amy’s approach of being collaborative with simple, straight talking style with genuine passion to hold accountability and deliver results stood out. Having Amy step into the CEO’s office and enabling our CEO to be freed up to leverage on his visionary abilities and passion whilst being able to focus on the business and where we want it to go rather than being in the business day to day running.  

    The facilitation of our weekly meetings with our General Managers and Senior Leadership team are now more organised, structured, efficient and productive has had a great impact to our business so far. One of the biggest results has been the support in defining and prioritising strategic objectives required to grow the business, the ability to bring alignment between teams and sharing her insights, expertise and knowledge.’ Sophie Charman – Executive Assistant to Group CEO

    ‘I believe that as a team we become a 50% more productive, because we have focused on more strategic rocks, scorecards and action plans.

    Also the accountability is increased, the transparency of how we are sharing the data, and the responsibility for solving issues is 100%. Group Leader