business is a full-contact bloodsport. 

nothing will kill you faster than stagnation. 

Black & Blue’s fractional Integrator service is for founders with desires to grow and sell within the next 5-10 years. 

You’re great at starting things, but not at finishing them.

You have lots of ideas and you’re great at selling.

You’re not great at running a team and you hate it. You thought it would be a lot easier than this. 

Growth is your objective, but the rate at which it’s happening is seriously frustrating you. 

You don’t understand why your team are constantly dropping balls. 

You have no idea how to roll out a proper programme of process creation and implementation. 

It’s chaos and you’re the bottleneck. 

In order for the business to grow (and for you to get your freedom back), you need someone to take charge, build out a proper strategy and support your team to implement it. 

You need an Integrator. Not just any Integrator, you need a Black & Blue Integrator.

Amy Bingham, The Founder and CEO of Black & Blue

Starting at £3500 + VAT per month, our team can step in within 7 days and begin to resolve the problems that are keeping you up at night.

We add value from day one – giving you clarity, solving problems, getting your team in shape, sorting systems and implementing processes.

The outcome for you? Headspace, freedom, the ability to step into your visionary seat and truly grow the business.

You’ll know already if you need this. If you’re serious, arrange a call with us by clicking the button below.

‘The impact is seeing something happening that would have taken us a year, perhaps two, to achieve by ourselves (at the four month point). It’s very different with your support. Looking forward to achieving even more and better results together.’ 

Elena, CFO 

Black & Blue's Process

These are the kind of results our Integrators deliver. It’s time to stop wasting your resources. Let’s reduce the overwhelm and chaos today and simply move forwards.

The SIMPLE EXPLANATION OF What your integrator will do for you

People who start generally aren’t built to finish. 

And we love you for it! We need founders and entrepreneurs to get out there with your big energy and big ideas and make things happen! The world doesn’t change without you. So thank you! 

What you categorically require an Integrator for is finishing what you start. 

This is what you’ll struggle with and a Black & Blue Integrator will thrive upon:

  • Team management 
  • Systematisation
  • Processes
  • Problem solving
  • Hiring
  • Strategy 

Think of us as the missing puzzle piece that you need right now. We come in, we solve the operational problems with your team and then we replace ourselves by making the full-time hire for the best fit permanent Integrator that is out there. 



  • It can easily take 6 months +. Your business can’t wait that long for a solution. You’ll miss out on so much growth and you will suffer personally in the process. 
  • You shouldn’t hire an Integrator for less than £100k. You get what you pay for. If you don’t have the budget for that right now, you’ll only be disappointed with what you get and will be back at square one again. 
  • You may not need one right now. It’s rare to go from not needing something to needing all of it in one step.

These are the reasons why Black & Blue exist. Pretty much every founder comes up against these obstacles and, frankly, it’s a tragedy for these to threaten your next level. 

Results from a black & blue integrator

  •  A team that feels cohesive, connected and on the same page. They understand and share in your vision. You can hire real killer candidates. The mediocre ones are out. 
  • Getting your time, freedom & headspace back. Get out of multiple seats and extract yourself from the day-to-day management. You hate it and you’re not good at it. 
  • Accountability within your team that drives results in alignment with your values (values that are real by the way, not bullsh*t corporate ones)
  • Age-old issues are being dealt with.
  • Your teams can communicate and have difficult conversations. 
  • Problems are being solved before they have a serious impact. We believe that you should never scale a problem and most of them started a lot longer ago than you believe they did. 
  • Growth in all senses. 
  • A business that you have the option to sell or leverage how you choose to.

As a result of working together in this capacity, you can expect to be more excited about your work than ever before. You will actually look forward to connecting with your business on a more strategic and vision-orientated level as opposed to being stuck in or dragged back into the day-to-day running.  

You will lean into acting as a leader and delegating as an opportunity for business growth. You will feel trust and support from your team and the way they run your business. You will feel calmer, more relaxed, less white-knuckled AND see growth in revenue and new approaches to expand your reach. 

You’ll get to watch your vision becoming real, helping more and more people, without it being all on you. You may enjoy more peace and joy in all areas of your life by getting your time back and having more energy to spend with family and on personal development.  

If you bring an open mind and a commitment to take new action, you will experience radical personal and professional transformation.