Financial Services – UK (In Progress) 

Here’s how it started:

Our client was referred to Black & Blue when they were struggling to grow their business by attracting members to their community. They were keen to scale aggressively with a superb value proposition and the right partnerships with large employers.  

Here’s what happened:

We helped them increase their capacity to craft and action outreach to desirable new partners, without the need to hire and manage additions to their internal team. We opened significant doors within their ideal client avatar with huge potential to grow their membership body  


  • A new payroll partner attracted and signed up within 2 months with the opportunity for 1100 new members. 
  • Meetings secured and facilitated for two £2.2bn revenue prospects.  
  • Further meetings secured with access to a potential additional 100,000 members.  
  • Re-engagement of a large current partner resulting in increased onboards of new members.  
  • A brand new cold pipeline built with tailored data to the client’s ideal partner profile.  
  • Outreach templates created and actioned with above industry average open and click-through rates.