Figure Out Whether You Want To Grow

Dec 1, 2023 | Blogs

One thing we find that is really, really important is truly figuring out whether you actually want to grow.  

This might sound like a weird question, because if you ask most people, they will say they do.  

Sometimes, however, when it comes down to it, when the wheels start turning and things start happening, it does happen that people decide or feel like they don’t actually want it. You get this weird conflict going on – part of you wants to grow because you want the money, the status, the freedom. Then another part of you doesn’t want to grow for a variety of reasons, such as it doesn’t make you feel safe, or you feel like you’re losing control, or losing your identity.  

You therefore need to figure out before you take the action that will create the growth, whether it really is something that you actually want.  

Do you want what comes with a bigger business, a bigger team, more money to look after, more money to potentially lose, and have to figure out how to keep?  

Do you really want that, or is something smaller or different more aligned with what you want?  

Either is fine. It all depends on you and your trajectory – you just need to figure it out first. 

If you’ve thought about it and decided you definitely do want to grow and you’re currently between £2m & £50m annual revenue and need to step out of the day to day, book a call using the button below: