Fear of Change

Dec 7, 2023 | Blogs

I’m going to say “don’t be afraid of change”, but I’m also going to recognise that there’s a part of all of us that is afraid of change because we’re all human. We all have that fear that we’re going to lose control or we’re going to lose our identity or something we value. 

Ultimately, in life and in business, we’re all doing battle with a fear of loss.  

At the same time, most of us don’t want things to stay the same.  

If we really think about it, we don’t want our businesses to stay the same. We don’t necessarily want our bodies to stay the same. We don’t want our lives stay the same, or our income to stay the same. Generally we all want something to move.  

For me, that’s what change is – positive movement in a different direction to the status quo, signalling that something is happening. 

I want something to happen.  

So, if we look at change as movement, we can reframe our attitude towards it and feel even a tiny bit more positive about it.  

The point at which we as a team intervene and help a business start to move, we are there to put this massive force of energy into something that is different, and it changes something.  

The things you want – increased revenue, better team members being hired, better systems and processes – all those things come in as a result of change. 

Change takes courage, my friends, are you ready? 

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