FAT Promotions Ltd – Custom Website Development – UK 

Here’s how it started:

The owner, Fiona, was struggling to run the day-to-day of her business. She wanted to grow the business but was always getting pulled back into operational problems. This was taking up a lot of her time and causing frustration. 

Here’s what happened:

Black & Blue took on the day-to-day running of the business, freeing up Fiona to focus on business development – writing her book, networking, creating lead magnets. The team were more productive and accountable, making everyone’s life easier and giving Fiona her time back.  


  • Clarified the problems with the previous Project Managers – both in terms of advertising for hiring and within the role itself. The process was reworked the process and Black & Blue found two great candidates to take on the role long-term. 
  • Rebuilt processes within the business to improve communication and to improve understanding of what was expected and what ‘success’ looks like.
  • Built a culture of accountability within the team, increasing follow through on tasks and projects.
  • Advised on and defined strategic steps for growth and development into the future. 

Here is what the client had to say: 

“Having seen a huge transformation in my Web Design business over the last two years, I was struggling to find an exceptional integrator to take my vision for growth and make this real.  

Amy not only stepped straight into the role and took the day-to-day running of my development team, projects and processes off my plate – she has gone on to help me refine and define the most strategic next steps for the Company to continue our expansion and will continue to work alongside me to recruit the next right person for the right seat. 
I cannot recommend her organisational skills, no-nonsense approach, and ability to juggle multiple people, projects and processes highly enough. If you are looking for someone you can trust to run your business the way you want it done, plus make decisions you would have made yourself, just give it to Amy and KNOW that it is done. Invaluable.”’

Fiona Allman-Treen – Owner