Everything you believe about your business is wrong 

Feb 1, 2024 | Blogs

Or at least it could be.

As a founder, entrepreneur, or visionary, you will be operating based on certain assumptions of your business that you will believe to be true.

For example,

🤔 ‘Our clients all think we are this’
🤔 ‘X in the team is the root of the problem’

However, it’s very difficult to find the truth if one is as close to something as you inevitably are.

We recognise these days that the way all of our minds work is very varied. We’ve also seen from experience that people who start things are rarely the best to finish them.

As a business grows, real problem solving becomes a seriously valuable asset.


If you want your business to grow, but you are labouring on a misconception, your growth will be slower and more painful and may not reach its deserved heights.

You will throw good resource after bad.

It will cost you a lot emotionally.

It will cost you a lot financially.

The way to move through this is to accept that nothing is certain and nothing can be verified absolutely unless it has been verified.

The thing is not always the thing.

We say this because there is a difference between what you believe and what you know.

If you believe something, you think it is factually accurate.

If you know something, you’ve checked the data, asked the people, done the deep dive, and tested for sure.

You want to know.

The people whose businesses grow aggressively are people who know what is going on within their business.

To know means to have control.

To have control means to have power.

To have power means to have an asset.

You want freedom? You need an asset to sell. This is what our people want.

If you want to get there sooner rather than later, you know where we are. 


PS – here’s what a member of a client’s team thought about working with us….