Don’t Waste Time This January!

Jan 11, 2024 | Blogs

The social media gurus will tell you to stop wasting time in January, but we disagree. 
We believe that you shouldn’t ever waste time! 
To us, time is the most precious currency we could ever have. It’s one of the reasons we push so hard – we never want to waste a minute. 
Our best clients start their businesses as they too know the value of time. They don’t want to work a job forever, take a pension and wait to have any real sense of freedom until then.  

They deeply crave freedom and are terrified deep down that they will never find it. That’s why they hold onto control of things they needn’t for too long within their businesses. 


Wearing too many hats, 

Being the bottleneck of their business, 

Failing to resolve people problems that come up again and again.  


Our best clients want to leverage their time to create freedom, which is why they want to grow and scale their business, which we can help them to do. 

To get started fast out the gate into 2024, despite the overwhelm that can hit, don’t get sucked into the narrative that January is a slow month and you have to plan and prepare and await a later date to take action. 

Just because other people are doing that doesn’t mean you have to. 
You can set the energy level and tone. 
Be the first out the gate. 
Be ruthless. 
Be the one. 
Get real with the challenges you’re facing and take action today. 
If freedom is your deep desire and you’re a late 6 or early 7 figure founder entrepreneur and let’s be honest, you don’t have a clue how to build a ‘proper business’ that you can sell (and you’re terrified they’ll find that out), reach out. 
We supported our client’s sales team to generate an 85% increase in onboarded packages over one quarter, a slow quarter – now that is making the most of your time!