life is too short to allow operational problems to fester

Every single business has operational challenges. The difference with you and yours is that you’re in a place where you’re committed to solving them.  

No longer are you willing to continue spinning wheels and experimenting with things that don’t work out. 

You’re not satisfied with mediocre performance (because it creates mediocre results) and you recognise you don’t have all the answers – which is a great thing.  

You also recognise that your own default way of operating as a leader is likely contributing to the challenges and you want to change this.  

You’re on a growth curve and you want to ensure you’re not leaving any opportunities on the table.  

You’re looking for an operational blueprint to solve the current issues and create the progress you desire.  

Our process can resolve the following issues: 

  • Team dropping balls repeatedly

  • The same issues repeating themselves

  • Lack of scaleability with your operations. Indeed, if you grow too fast, you are likely to see a lot more problems come your way. 

  • Chaos is already afoot and it’s growing.  

  • Your operations are way too dependent on you right now and this isn’t sustainable for you personally, nor for the business.  

  • You’re not sure you have all the right people in your team.   

  • There’s generally a lack of accountability across the business.

Amy Bingham, The Founder and CEO of Black & Blue

‘What you implemented gave me an opportunity to contribute in a new way. It’s challenged me to think bigger in terms of impact, the wider organisation and being focused on the right things. I’ve also seen this happen in my teams and we’re now 70% more productive.’

Leadership, People & Culture, Healthcare

Our team have helped clients to:

Become 85% more productive

Save £2m in 3 days

Build their sales team from 0-10 in 6 months

Increase annual revenue by 33% in 6 weeks

Become fully process-orientated

Make longed for, ‘one in a million’ hires

Take three month sabbaticals with highly competent leaders in place

We are here to help you and yours win. Let’s reduce the overwhelm and chaos today and simply move forwards. 

All it takes is 21 days and you will have a solution in your hands. 


1. We operate on the core principle of ‘radical candour’. This means that you get the truth of the issue and fast. We don’t make assumptions, all our strategies are bespoke and we offer a variety of options. The outcome for you? A fast result and no wasted resources.  

2. We do accountability a different way to the rest. To us, accountability is loving your people (and yourself) enough to both push them and provide the environment in which they can do their best work. We work with our clients to shift this mindset and the results are extraordinary.  

3. We’re weird. We don’t do things the way everyone else does, because we deliberately seek neuro-divergent and unusual ways of being and doing. This is how we see the things that you can’t. 

4. We don’t do consultancy the old school way. There is no silver bullet. There is no one plan. There are a variety of options, between which you can choose, depending on your appetite for risk and change. If you want a lip-service plan to reinforce the board’s ideas, we’re not for you. If you want something different, that you can trust, we might be. 

5. There are hard standards to be a part of our team – we don’t do mediocre or average. it takes a lot to run with us and our recruitment process is rigorous. Some of our team members have waited 6 months plus to work with us because what we do is special. 

we’re all about execution and results

For you 

  • Maximised delegation capabilities 
  • Increased confidence in yourself as a leader and in your leadership team 
  • Clarity – get your headspace back 
  • Time back in your calendar to focus on where you are in your element and adding the most value to the business 

     For your team 

    • They will feel genuinely heard, seen and valued – morale always increases 
    • Solutions being presented to their challenges 
    • Supporting and elevating your winners and top producers even further 
    • Leaders are empowered to create change 
    • Alignment between everyone and the strategy 

     For the business 

    • Solutions to long-standing problems 
    • Vastly improved use of resources 
    • Capacity to grow and hold its standards without chaos 


    Ultimately, what’s the purpose?  

    • To enable you to grow, create opportunities and expand your revenue, 
    • Without it all being on you,  
    • Moving towards security and clarity and progression, 
    • With a trusted and supportive team, who are accountable towards the responsibilities of their role and aligned with your company vision and values, 
    • With efficient systems and processes that give your clients a consistent experience of your brand, 
    • Getting your time, freedom and breathing space back.