ambitious ceos cannot afford to allow operational problems to fester. 

Black & Blue’s operational consultancy service is designed to help frustrated CEOs going around in circles find solutions quickly and painlessly to their most irritating and repetitive operational problems. 

The kind of CEO we will work best with is one who wants to seriously advance themselves and their organisations. They don’t want to get stuck in this role forever. They don’t want to leave this company without a stellar case study. One day they plan to be able to command whatever package they desire in the exact company they want to be in. 

Your current issues: 

  • Your leadership team are disjointed and lacking impact. Sometimes you feel like the only one. 
  • There is no accountability within your organisation. Managers aren’t holding the line and KPIs aren’t being achieved. 
  • You’re impatient for growth and progress. You’re frankly bored. 
  • Processes aren’t getting followed and mistakes are getting made.
  • You need an systems overhaul but there’s no one competent enough to do it.
  • Your Ops Manager/ Director is ineffective and you know inefficiencies are becoming the norm. 

You’re done waiting and hoping for resolution. You know what you want and you’re not the kind of person who enjoys delaying an outcome.

If you could fix it, you would. But you’re not an operations specialist, you don’t have time and you want a fast outcome.

We should talk. All conversations are confidential.

Amy Bingham, The Founder and CEO of Black & Blue

‘What you implemented gave me an opportunity to contribute in a new way. It’s challenged me to think bigger in terms of impact, the wider organisation and being focused on the right things. I’ve also seen this happen in my teams and we’re now 70% more productive.’

Leadership, People & Culture, Healthcare

Black & Blue's Process

Our team are here to help you and yours win. Let’s reduce the overwhelm and chaos today and simply move forwards. Every day of the quarter and of the year counts. 


1. We operate on the core principle of what we call ‘radical candour’. This means that you get the truth of the issue, we don’t make assumptions and you don’t waste resources. We are real solutions only.

2. You get a true accountability pedigree – done with love and in alignment with your values. We change the way your people think and we’ve been doing real accountability for a long time.

3. We operate on a beautiful balance of process and bespoke solutions.

4. Our recruitment process is rigorous. We only have highly tested people on our projects. There are hard standards to be a part of our team – we don’t do mediocre or average. it takes a lot to run with us

5. We are an entrepreneurial team, not just grey suits.

6. Diversity of thinking and problem-solving runs through us. We deliberately seek neuro-divergent ways of being and doing. No one person can be everything to you. We create the everything through our team.



Because you don’t have time to band aid, nor to waste resources on solutions that don’t address the reality of the situation.

It’s easy to find a consultant who will find data and produce a report to verify that what you believe is accurate.

But what if it isn’t? What if you do all the right things, but based on the wrong assumptions?

We never stop until we find the truth. The result for you? You get the real, stable, fulfilling outcomes that mean you can be genuinely successful. 

we’re here to create tangible outcomes

For you 

  • To have delegated these challenges 
  • Increased head space and peace of mind 
  • Time back in your calendar 

 For your team 

  • They will feel genuinely heard and appreciated 
  • A boost in morale 
  • Solutions being presented to their challenges 
  • Supporting and elevating your winners and top producers even further 

 For the organisation

  • Solutions to long-standing problems 
  • Vastly improved use of resources 
  • Capacity to grow and hold its standards 

     Ultimately, what’s the purpose?  

    1. To enable you to grow, create opportunities and expand your market share, 
    2. Without it all being on you,  
    3. Moving towards security and clarity and progression, 
    4. With a trusted and supportive team, who are accountable towards the responsibilities of their role and aligned with your company vision and values, 
    5. With efficient systems and processes that give your customers a consistent experience of your brand.