Business Development – Outsource And Win

If you are:

  • Generating revenue consistently and you want to take it to the next level
  • Committed to growth
  • Currently burdened by more business development, sales and revenue generation activities than you have the time and energy for
  • Without a full-time business development function in your business
  • Sick of the boom-and-bust cycle with lead generation
  • Fed up with a slow or stagnated sales cycle
  • Experiencing difficulty in generating qualified leads
  • Finding your current sales process is convoluted and ambiguous
  • Disappointed with the high attrition of leads and poor closing rates

If you want:

  • More qualified leads
  • An increase in your monthly sales figures
  • Accountability from your sales and marketing function
  • A clearly defined sales pipeline that delivers results
  • To engage prospects and generate more sales
  • Maximise your return on investment

If you don’t want:

  • These results to take up hours more of your time – you simply don’t have it to spare
  • To go through the pain of the hiring and onboarding process for a full-time candidate (perhaps you’ve been burned in the past too)
  • The salary commitment of a full-time candidate
  • To have to create and launch a campaign with the team you have – you don’t have the knowledge or capacity

Here’s how we can help:

We can provide an outsourced Business Development and Sales function, giving you confidence and access to high-level expertise and action-taking at less of a financial and time commitment than bringing in a full-time hire.

Why Us:

We’ve helped our clients achieve results including: Opening the door to a silver circle, international law firm, with the potential for a huge contract, Referral partnerships with major operations industry players, resulting in high-ticket, targeted referrals, LinkedIn business page followings increased by 2000%+, Follow up programmes initiated resulting in increased revenue generated immediately, £100k+ contracts confirmed.

Practically speaking, Black & Blue can help with:

  • LinkedIn – cold outreach to prospects and potential referral partners, personal and business branding strategy
  • Competitor, prospect and referral partner research and profiling
  • Lead magnet creation and distribution strategy
  • Email marketing strategy
  • Sales process creation and optimisation
  • Creating and actioning follow-up strategies
  • Hosting sales calls
  • Cold outreach and appointment-setting
  • 1-to-many opportunities – podcast and speaking booking

 With these objectives:

  • Generating leads
  • Which convert
  • Into great clients
  • Enabling you to increase your revenue sustainably.

    Our packages start at supporting you for 20 hours per month.  If you’d like to find out more, email with the subject line ’Business Development’ or, book a clarity call by clicking the button below.

    “Thank you for all your support. I really appreciate it as I transition to a new way of doing things. You’ve got me really fired up. It feels like a lot is possible now.”

    Business Owner