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Amy Bingham

The founder of Black & Blue and host of The Aggressive Growth Podcast, Amy is an intuitive problem solver who is categorically obsessed with evolution and transformation. She works best with founders and CEOs who aren’t satisfied with the first answer and who genuinely want to find the truth and receive the reward accordingly. Having started her operational consultancy as the full time mother of a newborn baby, Amy aggressively grew it to over £100k in profitable revenue within 9 months. In 2023, Black & Blue grew by 100% and worked with global clients ranging between £150k – £70m in annual revenues, in industries ranging from sound engineering to healthcare.

Amy’s favourite topic of conversation is personal accountability, having also been a gym owner and personal trainer for seven years. Nothing gives her more pleasure in business than enabling a client with huge growth potential see that realised, through unleashing the power of the team with the right systems and the accountability they deeply crave.

Fun facts: Amy was approached and filmed by Red Bull in 2019 for a campaign, she’s at least 30% Nordic blood (read: Viking), and she adores jasmine tea.

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