Branding Agency – Canada 

Here’s how it started:

The owner had launched the business and was generating multi-six-figure revenue. They had a few freelance team members, but the fit with their brand and culture wasn’t quite there. They knew they needed to hire. But didn’t know how they were going to have the time or know-how to do it. They also knew they needed to build up her business development to expand beyond current clients but didn’t know where to start.

Here’s what happened:

Black & Blue helped the owner get clear on what their team needed to look like to achieve their purpose.  Which roles needed filling now and by who. Creating ads and hiring processes for two roles. Filling them successfully with great team members. Then, we built the foundations for a great business development strategy to achieve the following: 


  • Hiring processes for an Admin Manager and a Designer built – easy to follow for any new team member.
  • Recruitment for an Admin Manager undertaken. On the first round of filtering, 78% of candidates came through on the strengths profiling that we had intended to capture in the initial ad. The ad was closed within seven days with a huge number of good-fit applicants. A successful candidate was found, client delighted, and a formal offer made -“she’s one in a million!”.
  • Recruitment of a Designer to a detailed and specific brief. 1100 candidates filtered down to a high-quality selected candidate. 
  • Conducted a successful and comprehensive induction for the new Admin Manager, ensuring a high-level understanding of the systems and business.  
  • Complete system built out – Asana, Slack, Cloud Storage, team email, team calendar – with training shared across the team and an internal team member set to run with it day-to-day. 
  • Simple daily accountability measures set up to support easy management of the team and project tasks. 
  • Continuous help and support with systems implementation, ensuring that they get the most out of every piece of the puzzle and time was used as efficiently as possible when using the apps.  
  • Underpinned every decision made with research, ensuring the owner was empowered at every decision point.  
  • LinkedIn outreach sequence created for prospects and referral partners. Ideals for both categories scoped out and meeting bookings beginning to come in. 
  • LinkedIn personal connection numbers grew by 40%.
  • LinkedIn business page following increased by 2110%.
  • Structure and guidance around social media provided – now consistently creating and posting each week. 
  • Speaker sheet (for podcasts) created and curated list of ideal podcast appearance matches put together and outreach message crafted – ready to send. 
  • Lead magnet concepts formed.  
  • High-quality case study built and ready to share. 

Our client was able to continue to grow her business with her team and new systems. With foundations laid for great business development. No longer was it all on her – she could grow the business AND claim her time back.