About Us

Our best clients are founders with the ability to make things happen, take action and drive themselves forwards with intelligence and no compromises. They are often lone rangers with big hearts and huge ideas.
    Right now, the way you desire to live and run your business is being held back by:
    • Your team dropping balls despite their training
    • Endless meetings that aren’t productive
    • Constant people issues
    • Failure of your sales/business development team to perform in line with your expectations
    • Objectives and goals (and possibly NEDs) breathing down your neck
    • Feeling like it’s ultimately all on you

    At your stage, all of these challenges are normal and we can provide a solution to ease the pain and increase your freedom. 

    “Thank you for helping me remember to breathe. And move… through this next stage of my business. And my life.” 

    Founder, Marketing (who just took the first two week holiday in 30 years)

    we know the hills we’ll die on

    Black & Blue won’t be right for everyone. If our values align with yours, we can promise you the most transformational and healing business experience you can imagine. If they don’t, we’ll probably seriously trigger you. 

    We work with founders and CEOs who know they have a challenge that they cannot solve alone (let’s face it: if you could, you would have already, god knows you’ve been trying). To work with us, you must be ready to find the solution and in a state of acceptance that you require help. 

    If you aren’t ready for a process that finds the true root of the what’s going on, we won’t be for you.

    If you are, we promise we can help you breathe again. 

    Black & Blue's Core Values

    Who are Black & Blue’s Clients Exactly? 

    Business owners who:

      • Are committed to building a saleable asset.
        We work best with businesses currently turning over £700k to £50m

      • Desire to grow aggressively.
        You don’t want to stay here, or in the next stage. You want to go big. You’re hungry.

      • Have a team.
        You’re fed up of fixing small mistakes or giving the same reminders again and again. You don’t yet have that full trust. You want a solid team of invested, committed people.

      Why would you want to work with us?

      1. We operate on the core principle of what we call ‘radical candour’. This means that you get the truth of the issue, we don’t make assumptions and you don’t waste resources. We are real solutions only.

      2. You get a true accountability pedigree – done with love and in alignment with your values. We change the way your people think and we’ve been doing real accountability for a long time.

      3. We operate on a beautiful balance of process and bespoke solutions.

      4. Our recruitment process is rigorous. We only have highly tested people on our projects. There are hard standards to be a part of our team – we don’t do mediocre or average. it takes a lot to run with us

      5. We are an entrepreneurial team, not just grey suits.

      6. Diversity of thinking and problem-solving runs through us. We deliberately seek neuro-divergent ways of being and doing. No one person can be everything to you. We create the everything through our team.


      Amy Bingham, Black & Blue

      Amy Bingham – Founder & CEO

      The founder of Black & Blue and host of The Aggressive Growth Podcast, Amy is an intuitive problem solver who is categorically obsessed with evolution and transformation. She works best with founders and CEOs who aren’t satisfied with the first answer and who genuinely want to find the truth and receive the reward accordingly. Having started her operational consultancy as the full time mother of a newborn baby, Amy aggressively grew it to over £100k in profitable revenue within 9 months. In 2023, Black & Blue grew by 100% and worked with global clients ranging between £150k – £70m in annual revenues, in industries ranging from sound engineering to healthcare.

      Amy’s favourite topic of conversation is personal accountability, having also been a gym owner and personal trainer for seven years. Nothing gives her more pleasure in business than enabling a client with huge growth potential see that realised, through unleashing the power of the team with the right systems and the accountability they deeply crave.

      Fun facts: Amy was approached and filmed by Red Bull in 2019 for a campaign, she’s at least 30% Nordic blood (read: Viking), and she adores jasmine tea.

      Jules Gregory – integrator

      Jules is one of the first Black & Blue team members and closely supports Amy with our internal creation process.

      Jules has been a successful Project Manager across a broad range of sectors. His career highlights include enabling a manufacturing business to resolve a £2m problem in a project that took just 3 days and supporting the build out of operations for a computer training company that became the first external organisation to run application training for the BBC.

      Jules likes to fix complex problems with elegant and unexpected solutions. He has delivered data training to 200+ client team members remotely and is very able to help those who find data intimidating turn it to their practical advantage.    

      Jules lives in Wexford, Ireland and Lancaster, UK. He is passionate about anything related to music, plays several instruments, and is a mix/sound engineer and DJ. A personal highlight was working with Tori Amos for three months.

      dan cloke – integrator & bd

      Dan joins Black & Blue with over 20 years experience in Sales, Marketing and Operational leadership across various sectors including ICT, Managed Print and Insurance. 

      Dan has helped business owners design and build departments from the ground up, and has vast experience in rapid growth environments – most recently a large managed print services provider who embarked on an aggressive M&A journey where he helped onboard and integrate 12 acquisitions over a 24 month period.

      Dan enjoys putting structure into ambiguous environments, finding better solutions for time-intensive tasks, and working with clients to implement positive changes that will improve the working lives of their employees.

      Dan has helped our clients open doors to powerful corporate prospects, securing sales meetings at traditionally barren times of year.

      In his spare time, Dan enjoys cooking for his family, snowboarding and cycling in the great outdoors. He also play golf twice a week.

      lee atkinson

      Lee is an accomplished Sales and Business Development professional with over 20 years of experience in the B2B sector. Lee has consistently achieved and exceeded sales targets, while building strong relationships with clients and stakeholders. 

      Throughout his career, Lee has excelled in creating and implementing business strategies, developing new revenue streams, and building partnerships. His ability to manage and lead by example has resulted in high-performing and motivated teams. 

      Lee’s career highlights include overcoming an initial rejection when pursuing a £150k contract, and eventually closing the deal after a lot of relationship-building and perseverance. He also successfully secured a £500k contract with a logistics company. 

      In his spare time, Lee loves to travel, and enjoys watching football with his son. Lee also loves the sea – swimming, bodyboarding and surfing in particular.

      Rosie Randell

      Black & Blue’s Admin Manager.  Rosie has been part of the team since August 2022. Whilst studying for her degree at university, Rosie worked in restaurants and hotels. Quickly making her way up to General Management level, Rosie has successfully run Premier Inns and Beefeaters up and down the UK. She now has 20 years’ experience in running businesses.

      Rosie still runs a domestic cleaning company behind the scenes. Ever focused on getting tasks done, Rosie loves helping people where she can.

      Rosie lives in Christchurch, Dorset with her two children and assorted pets. She loves walking her dog, going to football matches, and watching boxsets with her daughter (when time allows!).