sick of being the bottleneck of your business? team dropping balls all over the place?

started your business in pursuit of freedom, but feeling far from free?

If you’re spinning wheels with the same old problems & you know you’re leaving results on the table, we should talk.

Are you tired of constantly putting out fires? Terrified you’ll always have to be the one to fix things and you’ll never grow?

Good team members leaving?

Mediocre ones sticking around? Can you ever grow like this, nevermind sell?

You’re the bottleneck of your business and your life is held hostage by its demands.

You have big plans, a big vision and in the next 5-10 years you want to sell. There’s more you want to do with your life than run this business.

But you’re not going to achieve it like this.

There’s something wrong with your operations, but you can’t put your finger on exactly what.

Your team just isn’t the one. You love them and you feel guilty saying it, but they’re killing you right now.

The future you desire looks like serious leveraged income from the independent running of the business, or invested 7-figure proceeds of sale enabling you to live as you choose.

We can help you find the answers and implement the plan to make that a reality.

Your first step is to talk to us. Download all your struggles and let us help you.

Amy Bingham Filming

“The impact is seeing something happening that would have taken us a year, perhaps two, to achieve by ourselves (at the four month point). It’s very different with your support. Looking forward to achieving even more and better results together.” 

Elena, CFO
Amy Bingham of Black & Blue

if you want to live, it can’t all be on you.

You can’t grow without the right team, systems, data and processes. Well you can try, as you are right now, and it’s most probably killing you.

The truth is you can’t have:
  • Freedom – of time and what you do with it, and how much you have in the bank
  • Headspace and the capacity to learn and grow and do more
  • Your business leveraged as an asset over which you have choice and control
Until you have overcome the gaps in your operations:
  • Getting the right team in place
  • Equipping them to win
  • Systems that can leveraged to scale 
  • Processes that make your business safe
  • Strategy that works and can be scaled without you
  • Leadership that you can wholeheartedly trust
This is what we can help you create. We can help you win in the way you originally intended.


you can’t continue to live feeling this frustrated 

You thought that once you grew your business, things would be easier. But they’re not and now it’s do or die.

The powerful way you desire to run your business is being disrupted by:

  • Your team dropping balls despite their training
  • Endless meetings that aren’t productive
  • Constant people issues
  • Failure of your sales/business development team to perform in line with your expectations
  • Objectives and goals (and possibly NEDs) breathing down your neck
  • Feeling like it’s ultimately all on you

We’re here to enable you to create the freedom you crave by building a team, culture and operations to support your business’ expansion.

Check out the ‘services’ tab for the multiple ways we can enable you to achieve your objectives.  We always start with our ‘Business As Usual’ Audit process, to bring you clarity and strategy.

Who this is for… and who this isn’t for

Black & Blue is for business owners who:

  • Are committed to building a saleable asset. We work best with businesses currently turning over £700k to £50m.

  • Desire to grow aggressively. You don’t want to stay here, or in the next stage. You want to go big. You’re hungry.

  • Have a team. You’re fed up of fixing small mistakes or giving the same reminders again and again. You want a solid team of invested, committed people.

 Black & Blue is NOT for business owners who:

  • Want to keep things ‘ticking over’ with no desire for growth.

  • Are stuck on things being the same way that they’ve always been. You’re not open to being challenged or to change.

  • Regularly make excuses for not getting something done or like to challenge every aspect of a process.

If this sounds like you, we want to help. Book your call to find out more below.

‘We’d almost missed our boat on all things accountability. When you’re being driven by the founder’s energy, it reaches a certain point and it dies – it can’t be ‘a business’. If I was to be in hospital for 6 months, I would come back and there’s no business.

When you’re doing this kind of work, not everyone can stay. People have left, because of what you’ve done. There are now people who are thriving because of what you’ve done.

We now have a common language. There is nothing more powerful than this.

You have made massive impact.’

Founder, Healthcare
The Founder and CEO of Black & Blue

How this is going to change your life?

As a result of going through our process, you can expect to be more excited about your work than ever before, reconnecting with the passion and desire that got you started. 

You will look forward to connecting with your business on a more strategic and vision-orientated level. As opposed to being stuck or dragged back into the day-to-day running.  

You will lean into acting as a leader and delegating as an opportunity for business and personal growth.

You will feel support from your team and trust the way that they run your business.

You will feel calmer, more relaxed, less white-knuckled AND see revenue growth.

You’ll get to watch your vision becoming real. Helping more people, without it being all on you. You may enjoy more peace and joy in all areas of your life by getting your time back. Having more energy to spend with family and on personal development.  

If you bring an open mind and a commitment to take new action, you will experience radical personal and professional transformation as a result of this process.